How to Embed oDesk Badge in Your Blog

It has been more than a month since I last posted here.  Other tasks have taken up my time that I was not able to post the other tutorials I have made plus there are those I am still thinking of making.  😀

After taking some tests in oDesk, my friend, Xy-Za of, told me to put my oDesk badge in the sidebar of my blog as proof of my skills.   She said this will also help in attracting contractors whenever they find my blog.

After embedding my oDesk badges in my blog, I thought of creating a tutorial on how to embed them.  But weeks passed and I never got to do it, hehehe.   Until last week (May 14), when sir Jomar Hilario asked the members of the Virtual Assistants Seminar Group in Facebook if someone could make a presentation or tutorial on how to embed oDesk badges in the blog. He showed us an image of the badges similar to the photo on the left.  🙂

I started making one, but didn’t finish it immediately.   One week after, last Monday, sir Jomar commented on his post that nobody did the tutorial.  I decided to finish the tutorial I started and write a post about it.  hehehe.

Anyway, below is the tutorial presentation I made on how to embed oDesk badges to your blog in or platform.

Hope you find it helpful.  🙂

Revilla_Carbonell-Noel_how to embed oDesk badge in your blog


How to Use Windows Movie Maker

I have been using Windows Movie Maker for, I think, 4 years now.  I first used it to make one video out of the video recordings I took for the birthday party of  my friend’s daughter.  This way, she will have to open one file only.

Aside from video recordings, I also use Windows Movie Maker to compile photos into a video.   This way, my family and friends won’t have to view the photos one by one, instead, all they have to do is play the video.  🙂

Last 2012 Valentine’s Day, I created a video (as a present to my husband) from the collection of pictures of me and my husband during our trips for the past years.  I then uploaded it to Youtube so that it would be easier for me to share it with friends and relatives.  And easier to embed in my personal blog.  🙂

So, how did I do the video above?  I made a tutorial on how to use Windows Movie Maker in making videos from video clips and pictures.  Click the presentation below.  It’s really so easy and simple.  Try it for yourself.

RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Use Windows Movie Maker

For those who are using Windows 7, there is an upgrade of Windows Movie Maker called Windows Live Movie Maker.  I will also make a tutorial on that.  And that will be in another post.  🙂

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