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Yehey! It’s 9:25pm in my computer’s clock.  I have finally published the post for my 10th tutorial.  And what better day but on the day of the deadline of submission.  Talk about beating the deadline, hehe.    🙂

Whew.  Double whew!

I have to say.  I’ll never do anything like this again.  Not the posts and the tutorials, of course.  I enjoyed doing it very much.  What I mean was the cramming in doing the tasks.  Based on the schedule I made on the last week of January, I am supposed to finish posting my 10 tutorials by end of February.  And start applying for jobs at oDesk by the 1st week of March.  And it’s already March 14 today.  Whoah!  I am two weeks behind schedule.   But nonetheless, I am glad I finally completed it.  Cramming has definitely caused me stress in the last few days.    I now feel pain in some parts of my body.  Hmmm.. I will be needing a massage this weekend.  🙂

Midnight is the deadline of submission of the VA Assignment. And it's 9:45pm Whew. (Image source :

I have about two hours more before March 14 ends.  I will now be making my resume and finish filling up my profile in oDesk.   🙂


How to Add Paypal Button to Your Blog


Ah, my husband’s best friend. Hehehe… My husband uses Paypal when buying camera accessories for his DSLR camera.

Using Credit or Debit Card with Paypal + Customer = Income (Image source :

Actually, the Paypal account is mine.  I registered to it, I think back in 2009, when I attended the internet marketing hands-on training of Jomar Hilario in Cagayan de Oro City.  He taught us how to use Paypal in getting payments from online customers.  But, since I didn’t have a business website at that time, I never got to apply it.   And have also forgotten about it.

Honestly, I never also dared try to practice adding the Paypal button in my blog.   I thought it would be difficult.   This year though, I already plan on establishing online my offline business (just starting also, hehe).  So, I studied the Paypal payment buttons as this would be my best friend for my business venture.  Getting customers online would be an added revenue to the offline transactions.   After I have finally added the Paypal button to my blog, I realized how silly it was of me to be intimidated by the process.   I found it so simple and easy. hehehe…

Below is a tutorial I made on how to add the Buy Now Paypal button to a Blogger blog. Check it out.   🙂


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Add Paypal Button to your Blog