How to Install Google Analytics

Want to know how many visitors are there in your website or in your blog? From what country or city the visitors come from?  What posts are mostly visited? And so many other information you’d want to know about your blog or website.

With my Blogger blog, I just used the built in Blogger Stats.  I have already read about Google Analytics from my blogger friends but did not care much to use it because I thought it was too techie for me.    But listening to them talk about the statistics on their blogs using Google Analytics made me kind of envious.  And so I explored.  Read some tutorials.  And finally installed Google Analytics into my personal blog.

So, what is with Google Analytics?  What made it such a great tool?

Google Analytics is a web-based service from Google, Inc. that automatically generate detailed statistics of the visitors to a blog or website.  This is most useful to business websites  who wants to know where the visitors came from.  How many visitors per day, per week, per month and even per hour,  visit the site.  What pages or posts are most interesting to the visitors.

My personal blog which I created in Blogger platform has a Google AdSense to it.   Hmmm…. I think Google Analytics would be a great tool for me to know more about the visitors of my site.  I will know which topics are most popular, most read.  So far, I have only installed Google Analytics in my blog.  I have yet to read and understand the statistics I can get using the tool.

But while I was installing Google Analytics in my blog, I created a step-by-step tutorial (see presentation below) on how to install Google Analytics in Blogger blogs for use by those who are new in Google Analytics.   I will be making a follow-up tutorial on how to make the most out of Google Analytics as I explore and learn more of the tool’s features.


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