How to Use Carbonmade

In my 16 years of working in an office, I have never made a portfolio of my work.

In the offline world, most successful people have their porftolio updated often. The portfolio is where you showcase your best work done to show it to your prospect employer or client.   Making portfolios in hardcopy is a bit expensive since you need to update information from time to time.  You need to print again.  Bind again.

But with the age of internet, online portfolio has emerged.  You now don’t have to bring with you your bounded portfolio.  You don’t have to print over and over again.  With just some click of the mouse.  You’re done editing and updating your portfolio.

There are many sites offering the creation of online portfolio.  One of these sites is the  Carbonmade.   Carbonmade provides easy to use tools yet with professional look portfolios.   I checked the website and signed up for the free account.  As I was halfway in creating my portfolio, I was amazed at how it looked like.  I got excited.  And suddenly thought of adding more projects to my portfolio.  Check out the Portfolio I made for myself.

I made a tutorial presentation on how to use Carbonmade.  Take a look at it below and start creating you online portfolio to wow your clients.  🙂


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Use Carbonmade


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