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How to Embed oDesk Badge in Your Blog

It has been more than a month since I last posted here.  Other tasks have taken up my time that I was not able to post the other tutorials I have made plus there are those I am still thinking of making.  😀

After taking some tests in oDesk, my friend, Xy-Za of, told me to put my oDesk badge in the sidebar of my blog as proof of my skills.   She said this will also help in attracting contractors whenever they find my blog.

After embedding my oDesk badges in my blog, I thought of creating a tutorial on how to embed them.  But weeks passed and I never got to do it, hehehe.   Until last week (May 14), when sir Jomar Hilario asked the members of the Virtual Assistants Seminar Group in Facebook if someone could make a presentation or tutorial on how to embed oDesk badges in the blog. He showed us an image of the badges similar to the photo on the left.  🙂

I started making one, but didn’t finish it immediately.   One week after, last Monday, sir Jomar commented on his post that nobody did the tutorial.  I decided to finish the tutorial I started and write a post about it.  hehehe.

Anyway, below is the tutorial presentation I made on how to embed oDesk badges to your blog in or platform.

Hope you find it helpful.  🙂

Revilla_Carbonell-Noel_how to embed oDesk badge in your blog


Why Become a VA?

As a member of Jomar Hilario‘s Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club (OMC), I heard of virtual assistant from his subscription emails to the members.   But I was not interested at that time.   My dream really is to establish my own business.  That is why I opted for the online internet marketing.  However, I was not able to give focus to making my niche blog since I don’t know yet what my core gifts are.  Or what I am really passionate about.

After some months, I decided to try to learn about being a virtual assistant.  But since there’s no training available near my city, I opted for the online seminar.   After the seminar, I was given two months to do my assignment.  But again, the same as in the internet marketing, I got stuck.   I don’t know exactly why.  But my hunch was, I was hesitant into becoming a virtual assistant because I don’t have the confidence,  even in doing the assignment.   I was thinking that the tasks is difficult.  Until the 2 months expired.   And then I forgot about it.

So, now, what prompted me to finally become a virtual assistant?


To establish my own business, earn overflowing income so I can help less fortunate.

I have always wanted to have my own business since my 3rd year in college.   I didn’t even bother applying for a job after I graduated.  My mother was the one who pushed me to apply for a job saying how could I start my business if I don’t have a capital.  Well, she was right.  So, I applied and got a job.  And told myself I won’t be staying in this job for long ’cause I’ll start my own business.  But.  16 years later.  I am still going to the office.  Working 8-5.  5 days a week.

Last December 2011 I made the most important decision I have ever made in my life.  Ah, well,  next to getting married, of course. hehe..

With frustration and restlessness with the life I am living, I ask Jomar what to do.  I told him I already really wanted to get out of the 8-5 job routine.  I have so much other things I’d like to do, yet it’s all being suspended because of my job.  I sent him a long email telling him what I really want with my life and what I love doing more.    And you know what his email was?  It was just a two-sentence reply.  Telling me that the solution to my problem is easy.  I simply need to become a VA asap.  With this, I can already quit my job yet have an income.   And then he asked me if I am attending his VA seminar in January 2012.  I got teary-eyed after reading his reply.  I have to read it over and over again.  To really digest the message I am getting.  After a few minutes,  I decided.  Even though I will be venturing into the unknown world of VAs, I just decided.  I told myself, this probably is the ticket to my freedom.  To doing what I love to do.  And I smiled knowing it was there all along. Staring to me in the face every time Jomar sends mass emails regarding virtual assistants.   Before I sent my reply to Jomar, I called my husband, then and there.  I told him of my wanting to become a VA and my other plans.  He said he’d support whatever makes me happy.

So, to make the story short.  I am now making my VA assignment after attending the January seminar of Jomar in Cagayan de Oro City.  I attended the seminar with my sister (I paid for her registration fee.  She has no regular job for the past 3 years.  I thought this could probably be also her ticket to financial stability.).

I am very much excited to be able to get out of my comfort zone.   🙂

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