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Yehey! It’s 9:25pm in my computer’s clock.  I have finally published the post for my 10th tutorial.  And what better day but on the day of the deadline of submission.  Talk about beating the deadline, hehe.    🙂

Whew.  Double whew!

I have to say.  I’ll never do anything like this again.  Not the posts and the tutorials, of course.  I enjoyed doing it very much.  What I mean was the cramming in doing the tasks.  Based on the schedule I made on the last week of January, I am supposed to finish posting my 10 tutorials by end of February.  And start applying for jobs at oDesk by the 1st week of March.  And it’s already March 14 today.  Whoah!  I am two weeks behind schedule.   But nonetheless, I am glad I finally completed it.  Cramming has definitely caused me stress in the last few days.    I now feel pain in some parts of my body.  Hmmm.. I will be needing a massage this weekend.  🙂

Midnight is the deadline of submission of the VA Assignment. And it's 9:45pm Whew. (Image source :

I have about two hours more before March 14 ends.  I will now be making my resume and finish filling up my profile in oDesk.   🙂


Halfway Through

March 1.

Yet out of 10 tutorials and posts required in the VA assignment I still have finished 5.  And I’ve only got about 13 days.

I thought making 10 tutorials and posts are simple.  Well, it really is.  But.  The catch is it is very time consuming specially tutorial making.  And more particular for me because most of the applications/websites listed that we were to choose our tutorials from are new to me.   I have to first read a lot to familiarize myself with the application before I can  start making the tutorial in MS Powerpoint Presentation.

In making the Powerpoint presentation, I have to sign up and/or install applications in my computer.  I have to be very careful with every step.  I must make a screenshot of every step using Print Screen.  And then paste it to Powerpoint.  Then zoom and crop the image to get only the portion that I need.  Put in the arrow and some texts.

This is what’s taking up my time because at times, I thought the presentation is already ok.  But when I reviewed it, I found out a few steps are missing.  So I have to do again some portion of the process and screen shot it.

And here’s a funny thing.  We are required to share our presentations to Jomar using Dropbox. So, I sign-up for Dropbox.  But thought, while I am at it, why not make a tutorial of Dropbox so I will have one application done.  And so I did.  After completing the installation and some how to use steps of Dropbox, I finalized the tutorial.  Then took my notebook to check Dropbox in the list as “done”.  And guess what?   To my dismay, Dropbox is not included in the list.  Arggg!

But since I have already done the tutorial, I thought, I might as well include it in my post already. At least I’ll have an extra tutorial. hehehe…

And then there’s another funny thing.  I have been using Windows Movie Maker for couple of years now.  I use it to make 1 video out of the video clips I’ve taken during events.  So, since I am confident that I am most familiar with this application.  I made a tutorial for Windows Movie Maker.  When I was done with the Powerpoint presentation.  I again got my notebook and viola!  No Windows Movie Maker in the list!  But.  Windows Live Movie Maker.   Arggh! Again.

Hmmm… as my teacher in high school would say, “Eyes on the board.” hehehe   🙂