How to Use Involver

Facebook users have grown so big for the past years.  And with the craze on Facebook fan page, it seems that almost every one with a Facebook account also has a Facebook fan page.  Bloggers.  Small business.  Celebrities.  Some personalities.  Even avid fans themselves create fan pages for their favorite personalities.  Then there are the companies. Institutions. Schools.  High school batch.  Organizations.  And so much more.

Putting RSS Feed to your Facebook Fan Page (Image source :

But access to installing or customizing Facebook fan page with certain tools are limited.  That is why some third party companies were established (and have been very successful) to augment this gap.   One of these companies is the Involver.   Involver has three accounts you can choose from.  Free, Business and Enterprise.

For the Free account, you can choose up to 2 applications that you can add to your Facebook fan page.  There are 5 applications to choose from : Youtube Channel, Twitter, RSS Feed, Flickr and Static HTML.  This is good for the personal use only.

The Business account has all the applications in the Free account plus 12 more applications.  This is very useful for small- to medium-sized companies.

The Enterprise account has all of the applications of the Business account plus 5 more.   Big companies love this account for it will really help in their marketing.    Aside from the applications, Business and Enterprise Accounts also gets to access the Publishing and Monitoring services of Involver as well as analytics ans support.

To satisfy my curiosity, I signed up for Involver’s Free account.   And I tried installing the RSS Feed on my high school fan page.  It was easy.   Hmmm… I will surely be exploring again Involver when I have already created the fan page for my business.  🙂

Below is a tutorial I made while I was exploring Involver using the Free account.


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Use Involver


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