How to Use Sage Billing Boss

With the internet age, activities in the real world have been replicated in the cyberworld.  For instance.  Buying and selling in stores.  Traditionally, we go to a physical store to buy stuffs we want.  But now, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.  The internet has become an Online Store where one can shop almost any thing he needs or wants.  This is also true with services offered by companies and individuals.  One can now hire people through the internet to do a certain job even if they don’t see each other personally.

The paperwork with manual or offline invoicing. (Image source :

And with the online store and other transactions, comes with it the online billing and paying of the cost of items purchased and services rendered.  So, how do businessmen bill their online clients?  Or how do contractors (hired worker) bill their clients who hired them?

I’ve come across this wonderful billing system called Sage Billing Boss.  It was suggested by my mentor in Online Marketing, Jomar Hilario.  I got interested with Sage Billing Boss because I plan on putting up my own business in the near future.  🙂

Sage Billing Boss is a simple invoicing tool.  With the Sage Billing Boss, you can create invoices that could be automatically sent to your client in just a few clicks of the mouse.   And your clients can pay you online through credit card or Paypal.

And what’s even great with the Sage Billing Boss is that you will immediately have a database of your customers, the invoices you sent, the payments made.  You can track the status of your invoice, and if your client has already paid.  Which clients have due dates during the week and so on.  And you can also share with your bookkeeper the information regarding the transactions.

The invoice format also looks great.  There are many styles to choose from.  Below is an example of the Invoice I created.

Oh, this will definitely help me in billing my customers when I start my own small business which I hope to grow big. 🙂

But for now, my first use of the Sage Billing Boss will be when I bill my client of my services as his Virtual Assistant.  My own skills will for now be my products that I am going to sell.  🙂

While I was studying how the Sage Billing Boss works, I made a tutorial guide (See the presentation below) on how to use the Sage Billing Boss.   Hope you’ll also find the Sage Billing Boss beneficial to your business or any other online transaction.

By the way, this online invoicing tool is FREE.  Isn’t that GREAT? 🙂


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Use Sage Billing Boss


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  1. There is another online billing and invoicing service called Invoicera there. Have you tried it ?

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