How to Install oDesk Team Application

Wanting to be a virtual assistant?  So, we are on the same boat, hehehe….

Your work is where you are. Ain't that great? (Image Source :

Many say, if you want to get a job as a virtual assistant, oDesk (.com) is the best place to be.  I already have some friends who are working online via oDesk.  Learned of oDesk in March 2009, during one of the strategic planning workshop for the Iligan City Information and Communications Technology Council.  The facilitator mentioned oDesk as the leading venue where online workers are.   One of the participants said that in his school, a few of his staff are already into oDesk and are earning more than he pays them.  🙂

A month after that, I let my husband sign up for oDesk.  I preferred him signing up than me because he has more skills than I do.  He started taking the oDesk tests.  But unfortunately, after  a few weeks, his interest died.  And we totally forgot about it.  Until last January 2012.

As a VA in training by Jomar Hilario, one of the task given to us is to sign up in oDesk and apply for jobs there until we get hired.  oDesk or “online desk” is a free service that enables clients (businesses) and contractors (virtual assistants) to interact with each other.   Even having video chat is possible.   Clients can post jobs and virtual assistants can post their resume and job applications, all for free.  oDesk has the website,, and you also have to download and install the oDesk Team Application software that tracks down the time you were doing work for a certain client.  This is kinda your bundy clock.  With this, the client will know how many hours have you already rendered work.

I have just signed up to oDesk and downloaded the oDesk Team Application, but I am yet to explore the website and the Team Application.  So, the tutorial guide below is only on how to sign up for oDesk and how to install oDesk Team Application in your computer.  In preparation for your future as a virtual assistant.   But I will surely do a follow up tutorial on how to use oDesk Team Application.   Sign up now!


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Install oDesk Team Application


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  1. Hey there, I like your down-to-earth style. And I am sure many employers would love it too. I actively hire on Odesk and have worked with at least 30 providers.
    And the bottom line: if I can find someone who has good knowledge of English and has a quick mind, I can teach him anything I need. Your skills would get you hired for sure.

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