How to Use Wordpress (.com)

I already have two posts (excluding the Welcome post, hehe) in this blog.  Maybe you’re wondering, how did I create this blog?   How did I put pictures in my post?  How was I able to have a slide tutorial in my post?  Hmmm…

At first, I thought it was difficult to use WordPress.    The lay-out of its Administration looked so technical, at least for me, as compared to the Blogger (.com) platform.   But after a few tries and much reading and testing, I finally got the hang of  using WordPress.  At least, the basics of using WordPress, that is.  I am yet to learn about its full potential in the next days or weeks, hehehe.

Actually, I first learned and tinkered with WordPress in 2009.  When I attended a ProBlogging Seminar in Manila conducted by Abe Olandres, the author of  I made my first blog then, about Theory of Constraints.  However 6 months after, I attended another seminar or should I say, workshop, on online internet marketing in Cagayan de Oro City, conducted by Jomar Hilario, the Pinoy internet marketer who is known to be the Tim Ferris of the Philippines.  He taught us how to earn from our blog but have to switched to since does not allow advertisements on their blogs.  From then on, I forgot about my wordpress blog and concentrated on my new personal blog using Blogger.

But.  Time has its own way of coming to you.  Just this year in January, I attended a seminar in Cagayan de Oro City conducted by again Jomar Hilario.  This time it’s about being a virtual assistant.  And we were told to use specifically WordPress platform in creating our new VA blogs.   So, here I am again in WordPress.  Coming in full circle. 🙂

So as to give you an idea or a guide on how I came up with this blog, I created a tutorial on the step-by-step process of creating a blog using the WordPress (.com) platform.  The tutorial starts from when I signed up to   This is just the basics though.   I’ll make follow up tutorials on how to use WordPress when I get to learn new stuffs.   🙂


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Use WordPress (.com)


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