How to Use Google Calendar

Calendars, specifically planners, are a busy man’s best friend.  These calendars and planners help a busy man arrange his schedules so that it will not overlap.   Executives and businessmen carry with them their planner wherever they go  so they won’t miss an appointment.

However, today is 2012,  the age of computers and internet.  Most people are already online – chatting with friends, talking to clients, closing deals, meeting via videoconferencing, or making presentations using a webinar, etc.   So, the method of planning and scheduling has also become hi-tech.  🙂

In 2006, Google came up with Google Calendar.

Good thing about being hi-tech and online is that after setting your schedule in Google calendar, you can share it with your friends, colleagues or families.  This way, you will be able to inform them of your whereabouts and appointments.

Aside from sharing your calendar, Google calendar also helps to remind you of your appointments so you won’t miss it, even if at times you’ll forget it.   The reminder feature of Google calendar does not only limits to your use.  You can also send a reminder to your colleagues or friends or family members who are to be with you on the scheduled event.  These are just two of the best features of Google calendar.  But, isn’t that great already?

If you are the in-charge of an event, you don’t have to individually remind your staff or members, Google calendar will do it for you.  😀

You will not anymore experience the “ah, I have to remind them today of tomorrow’s activity.”  Or, “oh no! I forgot to remind them of tonight’s event.”

For this year, 2012 (and onwards, hehehe), I will be embarking on new ventures that would take me out of my comfort zone.  As a member of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. (IBS), my calendar will be filled with schedule of activities and events to attend to.  And being a Project Head of a few activities of IBS, I’ll make sure, with the use of Google calendar, I am right on schedule.  And then I could also use the  Google calendar to remind my Project members of new schedules and proposed activities.

While I was learning how to use Google calendar, I made a tutorial on how to use Google calendar.  The basics only though.  But  I will make another tutorial for the other features of Google Calendar.   🙂

Check it out.


RevillaCarbonell-Noel_How to Use Google Calendar


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