Why Become a VA?

As a member of Jomar Hilario‘s Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club (OMC), I heard of virtual assistant from his subscription emails to the members.   But I was not interested at that time.   My dream really is to establish my own business.  That is why I opted for the online internet marketing.  However, I was not able to give focus to making my niche blog since I don’t know yet what my core gifts are.  Or what I am really passionate about.

After some months, I decided to try to learn about being a virtual assistant.  But since there’s no training available near my city, I opted for the online seminar.   After the seminar, I was given two months to do my assignment.  But again, the same as in the internet marketing, I got stuck.   I don’t know exactly why.  But my hunch was, I was hesitant into becoming a virtual assistant because I don’t have the confidence,  even in doing the assignment.   I was thinking that the tasks is difficult.  Until the 2 months expired.   And then I forgot about it.

So, now, what prompted me to finally become a virtual assistant?


To establish my own business, earn overflowing income so I can help less fortunate.

I have always wanted to have my own business since my 3rd year in college.   I didn’t even bother applying for a job after I graduated.  My mother was the one who pushed me to apply for a job saying how could I start my business if I don’t have a capital.  Well, she was right.  So, I applied and got a job.  And told myself I won’t be staying in this job for long ’cause I’ll start my own business.  But.  16 years later.  I am still going to the office.  Working 8-5.  5 days a week.

Last December 2011 I made the most important decision I have ever made in my life.  Ah, well,  next to getting married, of course. hehe..

With frustration and restlessness with the life I am living, I ask Jomar what to do.  I told him I already really wanted to get out of the 8-5 job routine.  I have so much other things I’d like to do, yet it’s all being suspended because of my job.  I sent him a long email telling him what I really want with my life and what I love doing more.    And you know what his email was?  It was just a two-sentence reply.  Telling me that the solution to my problem is easy.  I simply need to become a VA asap.  With this, I can already quit my job yet have an income.   And then he asked me if I am attending his VA seminar in January 2012.  I got teary-eyed after reading his reply.  I have to read it over and over again.  To really digest the message I am getting.  After a few minutes,  I decided.  Even though I will be venturing into the unknown world of VAs, I just decided.  I told myself, this probably is the ticket to my freedom.  To doing what I love to do.  And I smiled knowing it was there all along. Staring to me in the face every time Jomar sends mass emails regarding virtual assistants.   Before I sent my reply to Jomar, I called my husband, then and there.  I told him of my wanting to become a VA and my other plans.  He said he’d support whatever makes me happy.

So, to make the story short.  I am now making my VA assignment after attending the January seminar of Jomar in Cagayan de Oro City.  I attended the seminar with my sister (I paid for her registration fee.  She has no regular job for the past 3 years.  I thought this could probably be also her ticket to financial stability.).

I am very much excited to be able to get out of my comfort zone.   🙂


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